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Do you ...
Need to have your clients fill out electronic (pdf) forms?
Do those forms often contain sensitive client information?
If so, then the Form Runner service may be well-suited for you.
Online pdf forms hold great promise, but in many, many cases, they turn out to be little better than paper forms mailed both ways. You may save some stamps by attaching a pdf form to an email to your client, but all too often, your client doesn't have appropriate software to fill out the form online. So your client prints the form, fills it out, and mails it back to you. Only a little savings of money and effort here, and none of it made your client feel especially better.

Moreover, if you pre-fill out any parts of such a form with any information which can be construed as sensitive for your client (e.g., SSNs), state regulations (from Massachusetts, Nevada, and others) require that the document must travel encrypted between your computer and your client's.

And finally, there is the issue of signing the form. How can this be done online, securely?

Form Runner directly attacks all of these issues.

  • It allows you to securely present pdf forms to clients over the web in such a way that your client can fill out the form easily with nothing more than any standard browser.
  • As your client fills in the form, the information travels to Form Runner under https and is immediately encrypted in your client's account.
  • When your client finishes, you are notified by email and you can immediately access the filled out form — no mailing hardcopy back to you from the client AND the information travels under bank-level encryption (https) in both directions, thus meeting state mandates; alternatively, a copy of the completed form can be automatically sent by secure fax to your office.
  • Form Runner allows clients to sign a form in several ways: By directly signing on-screen using a pointer or mouse, or by placing a copy of their signature which they have previously securely stored at Form Runner in your account for them. .
  • In addition, Form Runner encrypts all of the information entered into a form, as well as all of your clients' information — even their names. Moreover, every Financial Advisor is assigned a different encryption key, ensuring that even if one Financial Advisor's account was broken into, the client information of all other Financial Advisors would remain secure.
  • Finally, Form Runner organizes your workflow to provide a notable boost in your productivity, including synchronizing with your client contact information and supporting presentation of a selected form to multiple clients simultaneously.
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